Friday, 29 January 2016

Wake Up Sheeple!

Download: Wake Up Sheeple!

This week's music choices are dedicated to the friends of podcast past and music's future so while we' the schizo-jazz-pop of Marrow, Dortothy Ashby's afro-harp jazz funk lands in the 21st century with Brandee Younger. We're still pushing hip hop feats from Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, jangle pop from iji and garage punk rock (as always) from Audacity. There’s plenty more ace tracks inside take a listen and share your thoughts.

Audacity – Dirty Boy
GINNELS - Easier When I'm Gone
The Lemons – JJ’s House
Brandee Younger - Soul Vibrations
Marrow – Fool
ScienZe - College Park. Feat. Homeboy Sandman (prod. EOM)
AG Da Coroner - "Park Avenue" feat Action Bronson & Roc Marciano
The Raw Nerves - Emotions Are Hard
Iji – The Pattern Grows Clearer
BOYS FOREVER – Poisonous
Tiger Waves – Stay Inside
Honey Radar – Milk Maid

Friday, 22 January 2016

HR for the Crack Dealer

Download: HR for the Crack Dealer

Rob and Callum are tackling big musical debates in this podcast, like whether Lisa Simpson is a good saxophonist? She’s arguably one of the most famous players of all time but have you heard that Jazzman song, her tribute to her fallen hero Bleeding Gum’s Murphy? It’s not a very good song is it?
Music this week is sweet and heavy with garage rock, punk and psych rock all being collectively handled by Andy Human and the Reptoids, CFM (Charlie Mootheart) and Japan’s Fuzzist And The Voodoo Bones. The sweetness of power pop, bedroom pop and folk pop comes from Mother’s Children, Molly Drag and Daniel Johnsson (in that genre order). There’s also some ace hip hop from KA and rain but you should probably just take the plunge and listen to this enthralling edition of If There’s Hell Below.

Andy Human and The Reptoids - Sarcastic 
Marvelous Mark - Sun Goes Down 
CFM – Lunar Heroine
Daniel Johnsson - Cast a Spell
Molly Drag – Tanner Buildings
KA - 30 Keys
Rain.. - Wa'gwan (Chariot VII) +|Mge|+ 
Mother's Children – Protection
Fuzzist And The Voodoo Bones – Searching
Smiles – Black Hearts
Nicklas Sorensen – Solo1
Earthless – End to End

Friday, 15 January 2016

Build-A-Bear Group

Download: Build-A-Bear Group

Here’s your boys Rob and Callum doing their bit for the music podcasting game, trying their hardest to breakthrough into that top 10 music podcast club; a society where the Bilderberg Group’s Tiesto rules supreme.
Sad news this week with the passing of a man whose footprints are all over the music we play in the podcast week in and week out; this episode is no exception as heard on Nicholas Krgovich’s 80s disco swing and in King Khan and the Shrines garage rock n roll tribute to the irreplaceable David Bowie. Elsewhere, there’s some power pop glam stomp from Slick, obnoxious punk from Wet Ones and fresh takes on boom bap hip hop from Ahsh Eff and Oslo’s Ivan Ave. There’s also sweet nostalgia from Helsinki indie group Black Twig and scuzz pop from Sean Henry amongst other musical wonders.

Nicholas Krgovich - The Place Goes Quiet
Ahsh Eff - Storefront (Prod. Mess Kid & Stelios Phili)
THE CRAWLERS - Always Be True To Your Heart
Ivan Ave - Moves
sean henry - dreamcatcher caught
Black Twig – 1998
Slick – Coming Down
Dearness - THAW
S.I.T.H - Bill Cosby - Bill Time
Wet Ones - Get Lost
King Khan & The Shrines (feat. Jatinder Durhailay Singh) - David Bowie R. I. P.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Blame it on Manitowoc

Download: Blame it on Manitowoc

A healthy and optimistic Rob and Callum return with the first If There’s Hell Below podcast of 2016, free of all the sinful things we did last year; if you find empty beer cans and pizza boxes in our recycling boxes be assured we knew nothing about them, they were planted by the Manitowoc police department and we are completely innocent. In fact, if you see evidence of us misbehaving this year,  it is entirely likely that we were stitched up by Ken Kratz and co.
The 12 songs committed to this podcast are legit killers from the cosmic krautrock of Cavern of Anti-Matter to Afro-Latin Vintage Orchestra’s rapidfire funk hip hop breaks, from the post-post-punk of SODA to the garage punk rock of London’s Virgin Kids. There’s ace German hip hop from Bongobo Zen & Nepumuk, madlib’esque vibes from Thelonious Martin and sweet folk acoustic picking  from The Big Ship.
There’s more tunes beside and our DNA is all over it.

AfroLatin Vintage Orchestra – Schizo Damien Jurado - Exit 353
King Thelonious – AfternoonSwim
Fog Lake - Strung Back Around
Cavern of Anti-Matter - melody in high feedback tones
Soda - Blonde On Blonde
Virgin Kids – My Alone
Bongobo Zen & Nepumuk - Kein Sinn
Vic Spencer - It's On: Pt. II (produced by House Shoes)
Hus Kingpin – Waveman
The Big Ship - The Boathouse Story