Friday, 8 April 2016


Download: 99'er

It’s your boys the greatest circus performer the world never saw Rob and the Sultan of Soft Drinks Callum with another music podcast; one that is super chill, but also super reflective and super sexy at a point but also super joyful – super podcast, innit.
Said joy comes from Haitian super-group Lakou Mizik and their uplifitng carnival spirit, the super sexy comes from Silentjay X Jace XL a Melbourne based rnb soul duo, the chill comes from the folk of Mutual Benefit and the reflective comes from Terrace Martin’s jazz instrumental of Mortal Man.
There are plenty more ace tracks and super moods inside, take a listen and let us know what you’ve enjoyed most.

Born Allah - King_Dome of Heaven
mutual benefit – Lost Dreamers
Elia Y Elisabeth - Descripcio n (Souleance Rework)
Ashley Shadow - In Shadows
Genuine Leather - People Just Like You
Terrace Martin – Mortal Man
Plastic Flowers - Angel Town
Lakou Mizik – Poze
Ghost Orchard - October 2013
Silentjay X Jace XL - Just Waking Up
Bart Budwig - Damn Good Start (to Waylon & Willie)

Friday, 1 April 2016

Intergalactic Turtleneck

Download: Intergalactic Turtleneck

It’s your boys Rob and Callum with another ITHB podcast and with a selection of songs they’re calling the best 12 collection of songs on the pod this year.
There’s powerpop-aplenty peppered all over the playlist with the high-school new wave of Jay Arner, the air-punch glory of Divers and the shiny Radio City sounds of Patrick Boutwell. There’s some lush orchestral soul samples from Jaye Rhodes, art-pop from Moth Eggs and French sci-fi synth action from Dorian Pimpernell + Forever Pavot.
There’s plenty more ace songs to enjoy and we hope you do.

Jay Arner – Crystal Ball
teen suicide - Falling Out Of Love With Me
Jaye Rhodes – Spanish (feat Westside Gunn)
Divers – Achin’ On
Mourn – Storyteller
Patrick Boutwell - Hi, Heaviness
Moth Eggs – Cartoons
Suntrodden - Float Away
FWY! – San Gabriel Library
Henry's Dress - Over 21
DORIAN PIMPERNEL (+ Forever Pavot) – Echolana
Twin Peaks - Butterfly