Friday, 27 February 2015

2C-B License

Download: 2C-B License

Rob and Callum pull up to the latest If There Is Hell Below podcast in a Range Rover sport, with tears streaming down their face like 50 Cent just mentioned them in an Instagram comment; inside this four-wheeled player tank is the sound of the sweet music.
This week we have something from Israel’s premiere shoegaze dream pop band Vadaat Charigim, rock n roll punk from Dirty Fences, smooth like suede hip hop from Nx Worries, further explorations into the modern world of the jam with Idesia.
Check the rest of our favourite songs of the week and our inane ramblings.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Backpack People

Download: Backpack People

Rob and Callum would like to apologise for the beef dished out in this podcast, from the Lil Chris comparison to the tale of the human onesie and the good backpack folk of London; they can’t take back this beef but it won’t stop up them serving up the rare delights.
No apologies made for music this week: there’s some trap from Brodinski a producer who has been given an ‘artiste’ rosette from the arbiter of artistry, there’s the doom metal groove of Bad Guys with a tale of temptation and theft, some art punk from Vexx and Warehouse and some Free Weed.
The rest is guitar stuff but that good guitar stuff, take a listen won’t you.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Big Momma's House

Download: Big Momma's House

Last week Rob and Callum presented a podcast as a coming of age indie movie classic, this week they go for an Oscar-certainty with a heart-warming tear jerker for the ages, this could be the moment Rob and Callum prove their worth as a creative duo to be taken seriously. Diverse bag of musical delights this week; with kraut-jazz-prog-garage from French Canadians Chocolat, swinging motoric pop from Lower Dens, sweet psychedelic soul from Monophonics, finger-picked folk from Eaves and some Bollywood beats from Ohmegawatts. There’s also some slow jams, some stoner-whimsy, garage rock and more. Have a listen and join in our little debate on twitter @ithbpodcast @callumeckersley .