Friday, 30 October 2015

Pickled Delicacy

Download: Pickled Delicacy

Rob and Callum are chatting about this thing WE call ‘life’ over a nice dinner of songs, take a seat it’s a nice meal. They went to the music butcher especially to get the good chunks of musicmeat and popped them in the stew of life served alongside whatever’s in the pickle jar. ‘What colour is your day?’ we’ll talk about that. Choices this week are [flame emoji] fire and soothing ice, you need the fire but you need to soothe the burns: fire comes producer and rapper Nolan The Ninja who comes straight out of Detroit with the kind of heavy hip hop that city is famed for and at the top of the show eastern beats and low-ride grooves from def.sound. Blue Jean Committee provide soothing Californian harmonies served with champagne filled coconuts, Sam Giambalvo serenades with comforting guitar picking and hushed vocals and Shay and the Laufman’s send you down the river on a soft-pop lullaby. There’s more besides, it’s all good.

Def.sound - †rILL . △LL▲H ☾ Prod. By . Z∆ck Sekøff ☽
Ubu Roi - Ubu Roi
Eerie Wanda – Volcano Lagoon
Sam Giambalvo – Stinson
The Dicktations- (Where Were You) Dreamin’
Wann Sklobi (The 6th Man) - Fresh Produce 121
Nolan the Ninja – deploi. (feat. Phat Kat) (prod. by 5ynoT)
Rodents - Calm Down
Blue Jean Committee - Catalina Breeze
Shay and the Laufmans - It Woke Me Up
Mndsgn - Bweyy (feat. Swarvy)
Matt Kivel - Janus

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Human Meme 2.0

Download: The Human Meme 2.0

Lie back with a bottle of fake Smirnoff vodka’s or Captain Morgan’s Rum, have a drag of the cheapest cigarette and tune your listening device to Rob and Callum’s If There’s Hell Below. We’ll provide the ambient sirens and you add your own element of drama.
To get your imagination going we have a tale of forbidden love as crooned by Kirin Callinan, the psychological jazz adventures of The Incognito Traveller and the baroque chamber pop of Murals.
There’s whirling shoegaze from Kindling, the coming together of a new Bay Area supergroup in WALTER and the sweet sounds of the Florist.
Have a listen and let the drama unfold.

WALTER - Everybody Says
Marvelous Mag - 3 Man Weave feat Shabaam Sahdeeq & SmooVth
Never Young - New Villain
Murals - Violet City Lantern
Sweet Talk - Little Runner
Kirin J Callinan - The Teacher
Kindling - Blinding Wave
The Incognito Traveller – Checkpoint
Furnsss – Jansport
J-Live - Ya Momma So Black
Florist - Cool And Refreshing

Friday, 16 October 2015

High Ranking Wizard

Download: High Ranking Wizard

Rob and Callum celebrate the now, a time of taking bits from every corner of the world of every genre and smushing everything together; there are no scenes in places, it’s a world scene, a ‘smush scene’ and you’re living it with your cassette stores and great $2bandcamp albums.
This week we have two bands from British Columbia Painted Fruits and Healing Waters who put all the good sounds of them old indie records and make them into new records for the NOW listener, we have the sophisticated sax-pop of King Cyst who sighs every morning hoping for the ‘good stuff’, swinging pop from MPHO and them ‘all the Manchester bands’ feels of Talking Bush. There’s also vocoder funk from Benny Sings, some sincerity from Bears and other ace sounds.

Rolling Blackouts - Wide Eyes
Benny Sings - Straight Lines
King Cyst - Rubbing Soul
The Bodies - I'm Burning Up
Healing Waters – Jesus
Bears - who the fuck am i today?
Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Can You Dig It
MPHO - Built A Fire
Talking Bush – Desperate
Mooner - To Be Held
Cool Ghouls – See You Around

Friday, 9 October 2015



Rob and Callum hail the new vigilante, today’s fighter of justice; enemy of the corrupt, the greedy and the dastardly. Thank you man at the keyboard, thank you for patrolling the cyber streets of the dark web and posting that catholic priests bank details onto 4chan. You are the hero we deserve.
And this podcast contains the music he deserves: afro-funk from the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra, hippy jazz folk pop from Me and My Kites and fretless bass pop grooves from Zach Burba. That’s all good for when our hero is chilling and wants some funk but he needs the heavy and the immediate which comes in the form of hardcore punk from Nail Polish and the power pop of Melbourne’s Pronto.
There’s more beside in this eclectic podcast, take a listen, enjoy and rate + review on itunes

Zach Burba - I Don't Ever Wanna Go Back 
Radiator Hospital - Will You Find Me? 
Me and My Kites – War 
The Persian Leaps - The Infection 
Nail Polish - Neighborhood Watch 
Grapell – Arrow 
Majeure - Overmind 
Family Tree - No One Will Ever Know 
Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra - The Fourth feat. Muyiwa Kunnuji 
Pronto - Don't Pick Me Up 
Tourist Dollars - End of Times 
Mr. Lif - Return Of The B-Boy (prod. El-P)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Dad Issues

Download: Dad Issues

Finally Rob and Callum are addressing the issues that matter to YOU, so we’ve caved in and we're chatting about excel. A pivot table changed our lives, vlookups got us off the bottle and format painter will be walking us down the aisle on our wedding day. Thank you excel. Music picks this week explore the different corners of the psychedelic from the electronic experimental jams of Linear Downfall to the psychedelic soul of Jennah Bell and brazilian tropical stoner rock of Nuvem Leopardo. There’s also killer punk from the GOGGS, muscle car rock from Faux Ferocious and of course power pop from Pujol. Enjoy the show, give us five of your stars and share the love.