Friday, 16 October 2015

High Ranking Wizard

Download: High Ranking Wizard

Rob and Callum celebrate the now, a time of taking bits from every corner of the world of every genre and smushing everything together; there are no scenes in places, it’s a world scene, a ‘smush scene’ and you’re living it with your cassette stores and great $2bandcamp albums.
This week we have two bands from British Columbia Painted Fruits and Healing Waters who put all the good sounds of them old indie records and make them into new records for the NOW listener, we have the sophisticated sax-pop of King Cyst who sighs every morning hoping for the ‘good stuff’, swinging pop from MPHO and them ‘all the Manchester bands’ feels of Talking Bush. There’s also vocoder funk from Benny Sings, some sincerity from Bears and other ace sounds.

Rolling Blackouts - Wide Eyes
Benny Sings - Straight Lines
King Cyst - Rubbing Soul
The Bodies - I'm Burning Up
Healing Waters – Jesus
Bears - who the fuck am i today?
Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Can You Dig It
MPHO - Built A Fire
Talking Bush – Desperate
Mooner - To Be Held
Cool Ghouls – See You Around

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