Saturday, 20 October 2012

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... 100

Download: If There Is Hell Below Podcast... 100 

Top up your flutes with Rob and Callum because If There Is Hell Below are a 100 episodes old. We get all self referential and we slap our own backs but didn't you hear? We've done a 100 podcasts! To celebrate we have exclusive first listens from Chapel Club and The Soundcarriers, specially created for the pod covers and re-imaginings from Milky Onions and Victor Talking Machine, and Jaekim provides us with a killer reworking of our Curtis Mayfield namesake. There's new music from Californiaman who brings palm trees, yachts and a smooth white should AM gloss to Scandinavia, some Anita Baker love from THEESatisfaction, a Madlib produced cut from MED, some jangle indie from aptly named GLOSS, DIY freak pop from Their Only Dreams plus we set sail on the good ship FIDLAR and play more besides.

Jaekim – Hell below (Curtis Mayfield rework)
FIDLAR – Crackhead Ted
Their Only Dreams – The Ghost of Rock & Roll
Victor Talking Machine – Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
Gloss – Front Porch
M.E.D. - Privacy feat. Steve Arrington produced by Madlib
Diggs Duke – Like I Won’t Grow Old
THEESatisfaction – Cabin Fever Sweet Love (Live on Radio K)
 Milky Onions – 80 Dates Around The World
 Mint Lab Astronauts – The Last Tango
Deep Heat – Do It Again
The Soundcarriers – Instro
Californiaman – Give Love Back
Chapel Club – Sleep Alone (Chapel Club Remix)

Friday, 12 October 2012

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Disposable Weapons

Download: If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Disposable Weapons

Throw up your W’s Callum is back from NYC; Rob’s just been waiting for him in his flat, with open laptop and mics for the 99th If There Is Hell Below Podcast.
We chat about minimal (again), the logistics of Scrooge McDucks coin swimming (again!?) and Rob just chats at Callum about the perfect murder.
Music comes from Ducktails, 80s French electronic act Tokow Boys provide the argument for good minimal and Useless Eaters provide some fuzz with Addicted to the Blade (there’s your references for a radio link masterclass).
A Miguel remix has that 90s Bad Boy flavour given further prestige with a P. Diddy feat., Something Nu from the Wu and latin hip hop Summer Madness from Karriem Riggins.
Young Governer, The Resonars  and Super Vacations provide your instant hit of power pop and always regular dose of garage.
There’s more too, can’t give everything away in the blurb...