Friday, 8 April 2016


Download: 99'er

It’s your boys the greatest circus performer the world never saw Rob and the Sultan of Soft Drinks Callum with another music podcast; one that is super chill, but also super reflective and super sexy at a point but also super joyful – super podcast, innit.
Said joy comes from Haitian super-group Lakou Mizik and their uplifitng carnival spirit, the super sexy comes from Silentjay X Jace XL a Melbourne based rnb soul duo, the chill comes from the folk of Mutual Benefit and the reflective comes from Terrace Martin’s jazz instrumental of Mortal Man.
There are plenty more ace tracks and super moods inside, take a listen and let us know what you’ve enjoyed most.

Born Allah - King_Dome of Heaven
mutual benefit – Lost Dreamers
Elia Y Elisabeth - Descripcio n (Souleance Rework)
Ashley Shadow - In Shadows
Genuine Leather - People Just Like You
Terrace Martin – Mortal Man
Plastic Flowers - Angel Town
Lakou Mizik – Poze
Ghost Orchard - October 2013
Silentjay X Jace XL - Just Waking Up
Bart Budwig - Damn Good Start (to Waylon & Willie)

Friday, 1 April 2016

Intergalactic Turtleneck

Download: Intergalactic Turtleneck

It’s your boys Rob and Callum with another ITHB podcast and with a selection of songs they’re calling the best 12 collection of songs on the pod this year.
There’s powerpop-aplenty peppered all over the playlist with the high-school new wave of Jay Arner, the air-punch glory of Divers and the shiny Radio City sounds of Patrick Boutwell. There’s some lush orchestral soul samples from Jaye Rhodes, art-pop from Moth Eggs and French sci-fi synth action from Dorian Pimpernell + Forever Pavot.
There’s plenty more ace songs to enjoy and we hope you do.

Jay Arner – Crystal Ball
teen suicide - Falling Out Of Love With Me
Jaye Rhodes – Spanish (feat Westside Gunn)
Divers – Achin’ On
Mourn – Storyteller
Patrick Boutwell - Hi, Heaviness
Moth Eggs – Cartoons
Suntrodden - Float Away
FWY! – San Gabriel Library
Henry's Dress - Over 21
DORIAN PIMPERNEL (+ Forever Pavot) – Echolana
Twin Peaks - Butterfly

Friday, 25 March 2016

A Giant in the Land of Jockeys

Download: A Giant in the Land of Jockeys

It’s your boys the tender prince Callum and the world’s most natural horse-rider Rob with another music podcast with more ace music and insightful ramblings.
El Michel’s Affair return with a new killer fuzz funk Wu instrumental, Homeboy Sandman goes in on his pet peeves like a hip hop Larry David and Spike Vincent drunkenly croons to his unrequited love.
There’s some afro-spiritual-jazz from Inga,  Bollywood grooves from Tall Black Guy and left-field pop from Chris Weisman plus a lot more. Have a listen and enjoy.

Friday, 18 March 2016

...gone to the dogs

Download: ...gone to the dogs

It’s your boys Rob and Callum redefining the cool table with yet another music and talk filled podcast. Sitting at the table is Car Set Headrest with an unreleased track about ‘culture’, CROWS with some post punk noise, Andy California with his some garage rock n roll blues, The Myrrors with some free-jazz psych rock and J-Zone with some breaks heavy hip hop, amongst others. Take a seat and enjoy

Friday, 11 March 2016

Sausage City

Download: Sausage City

Straight out of Lizard City, London is the If There Is Hell Below podcast with your boys: former want-to-be mod Rob Morgan and ex-Evan Dando lad Callum Eckersley. Music this week kicks off with something from the Chocolate City with electro-funk from Belgium’s Pomrad, there’s a Chi-Town hazy hip hop wake-up call from d e f . s o u n d, there’s that good nuggets garage blues from The Ar-Kaics, some anx-bedroom indie from Attic Abasement and killer hip hop venom from Noah Vinson. There’s plenty else in this musical city mapper, take a listen and let us know what you dig.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

On the Ark With... Virgin Kids

Download: On the Ark With... Virgin Kids

Rob and Callum are back On the Ark with... Virgin Kids, the London garage punk rock three-piece. They provide six songs for six scenarios including: the only good song at their shitty local club, the band's anthem and of course the song they'll be bringing to the Ark party as we escape the apocalypse.

Friday, 4 March 2016

24 hotel-sized bottles of Echo Falls

Download: 24 hotel-sized bottles of Echo Falls

Rob and Callum take a different approach to their usual tried and tested broadcasting format by losing the beer tins and bringing in the wine bottle; it makes for a podcast which has an air of well-earned authority and sophistication.
The music suits this new learned laid back tone; with the Japanese folk of Kikagaku Moyo, the instrumental country wilderness of Nick Millevoi and the warm jangle of Mackenzie Keefe. There’s also some falsetto harmony and sax prog from Bart, fuzzy nostalgia from Planet Manhood, dark funk from Dieterich & Barnes and of course some punk from Sick Thoughts to add a bit of edge.
Pop this podcast on, let it breath, really let your ears indulge and provide us with your tasting notes on social media.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

On the Ark with... Whitney

Download: On the Ark with... Whitney

Rob and Callum are joined by country rock soul group Whitney for the first in a series of podcasts 'On the Ark with...' Max and Julian pick a track from an album the consider a masterpiece, a song they'd bring to The Ark sail-away party and the music that makes them the people, musicians and the band they are today.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Legal Speedball

Download: Legal Speedball

Rob and Callum explore one of life’s truly amazing secrets the art of ‘not giving a fuck’ as mastered by many a French man. It’s a skill and a dark art that will make you more charismatic, more desirable and renders you immune to the side-effects of smoking and morning wine drinking.
This week we have two incredible songs from ace Australian label Rice Is Nice with ‘dreamy heaven’ crooning from Le Villejuif Underground and adrenaline shot punk from Us The Band. There’s some killer hip hop from The Purist & WestsideGunn, indie fuzz from Drug Pizza and shimmering pop from Japanese Breakfast. There’s plenty more to listen to as well in this most legal of podcast speedballs. 

Nameless Frames - Put It Back
Growl - Overnight
Us The Band - Ghoul
Japanese Breakfast - Everybody Wants To Love You
Le Villejuif Underground - On The Seine
Cauzndefx - Starfox Death Scene (prod. by awhlee)
The Purist & WestSide Gunn - Hall & Nash 2 ft Conway
Big Thief - Masterpiece
Nicolas Ker - Holdings & VAT
JC Flowers - Ym Mhorthcawl
Drug Pizza - No Reaction
Genuine Leather - Ray Has to Die Today

Friday, 12 February 2016

A Baby Called Alan

Download: A Baby Called Alan

Rob and Callum present another If There’s Hell Below podcast; another show of ace new music and tales of getting thrown out of church and tips on how to eat grapes.
Music wise there’s a tribute to one of Rob’s fallen heroes by wrestling fan Andy Gabbard, the incredible hip hop pairing of Open Mike Eagle and always ace producer Paul White, there’s dark spiritual jazz funk from Heliocentrics, the continual rise of Sheer Mag and next level beats from Linafornia. There’s plenty more inside, take a listen and enjoy.

ANDY GABBARD - American Dragon
Big Bill - Weird Walk
The Magnificent Tape Band – Patterns in my Mind (feat. Rachel Modest)
Carey - Hey Caty
Heimat – Wieder Ja!
Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - Check To Check
Linafornia – Wussup (feat. Jack Bastian)
Dirty Dishes - All of Me
Heliocentrics – Night and Day
SHEER MAG - Can't Stop Fighting
Flat Worms - Red Hot Sand
Britta Phillips - One Fine Summer Morning

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Wet Suit

Download: The Wet Suit

Rob and Callum can sense things becoming a ‘thing’ even when they are a ‘thing, they’ve noted it; like albums having tasting notes and suggested lifestyle pairings as if they were a wine. It’s sickly and condescending but, we feel it’s worth a pop to tap into that instagramed-filtered life.
So dangle this unboxed wine-bag of musical delights above your head and just take it all in; from the opening jazz-fusion kick of Sun Watchers to the space-western finale from Contact Field Orchestra. In between you’ll find heady notes of the guitar instrument with the likes of The Sick Things who will make your head spin with power-pop immediacy, Neighbors who sound like they’ve been to art school at a time when art schools were the ‘thing’ and Fake Laugh who get you woozy on pop but like a great friend Purling Hiss are here too with a comforting bed of fuzz-rock.
The other tracks and their wonders will reveal themselves upon listening – enjoy.

Sun Watchers - Herd Of Creeps
Purling Hiss - Fumble Tumble
Songs For Walter – Useless
The Sick Things – We Figured It Out
The Skiffle Players - Til Stone Day Comes
Emotional – Hand 4 Hire
Fake Laugh - Birdsong Lullaby
Horse Jumper of Love – Ugly Brunette
Mind Spiders – Cold
Two White Cranes – Unattached
Neighbors – Secret
Contact Field Orchestra – Sluice Box Tavern

Friday, 29 January 2016

Wake Up Sheeple!

Download: Wake Up Sheeple!

This week's music choices are dedicated to the friends of podcast past and music's future so while we' the schizo-jazz-pop of Marrow, Dortothy Ashby's afro-harp jazz funk lands in the 21st century with Brandee Younger. We're still pushing hip hop feats from Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, jangle pop from iji and garage punk rock (as always) from Audacity. There’s plenty more ace tracks inside take a listen and share your thoughts.

Audacity – Dirty Boy
GINNELS - Easier When I'm Gone
The Lemons – JJ’s House
Brandee Younger - Soul Vibrations
Marrow – Fool
ScienZe - College Park. Feat. Homeboy Sandman (prod. EOM)
AG Da Coroner - "Park Avenue" feat Action Bronson & Roc Marciano
The Raw Nerves - Emotions Are Hard
Iji – The Pattern Grows Clearer
BOYS FOREVER – Poisonous
Tiger Waves – Stay Inside
Honey Radar – Milk Maid

Friday, 22 January 2016

HR for the Crack Dealer

Download: HR for the Crack Dealer

Rob and Callum are tackling big musical debates in this podcast, like whether Lisa Simpson is a good saxophonist? She’s arguably one of the most famous players of all time but have you heard that Jazzman song, her tribute to her fallen hero Bleeding Gum’s Murphy? It’s not a very good song is it?
Music this week is sweet and heavy with garage rock, punk and psych rock all being collectively handled by Andy Human and the Reptoids, CFM (Charlie Mootheart) and Japan’s Fuzzist And The Voodoo Bones. The sweetness of power pop, bedroom pop and folk pop comes from Mother’s Children, Molly Drag and Daniel Johnsson (in that genre order). There’s also some ace hip hop from KA and rain but you should probably just take the plunge and listen to this enthralling edition of If There’s Hell Below.

Andy Human and The Reptoids - Sarcastic 
Marvelous Mark - Sun Goes Down 
CFM – Lunar Heroine
Daniel Johnsson - Cast a Spell
Molly Drag – Tanner Buildings
KA - 30 Keys
Rain.. - Wa'gwan (Chariot VII) +|Mge|+ 
Mother's Children – Protection
Fuzzist And The Voodoo Bones – Searching
Smiles – Black Hearts
Nicklas Sorensen – Solo1
Earthless – End to End