Friday, 1 April 2016

Intergalactic Turtleneck

Download: Intergalactic Turtleneck

It’s your boys Rob and Callum with another ITHB podcast and with a selection of songs they’re calling the best 12 collection of songs on the pod this year.
There’s powerpop-aplenty peppered all over the playlist with the high-school new wave of Jay Arner, the air-punch glory of Divers and the shiny Radio City sounds of Patrick Boutwell. There’s some lush orchestral soul samples from Jaye Rhodes, art-pop from Moth Eggs and French sci-fi synth action from Dorian Pimpernell + Forever Pavot.
There’s plenty more ace songs to enjoy and we hope you do.

Jay Arner – Crystal Ball
teen suicide - Falling Out Of Love With Me
Jaye Rhodes – Spanish (feat Westside Gunn)
Divers – Achin’ On
Mourn – Storyteller
Patrick Boutwell - Hi, Heaviness
Moth Eggs – Cartoons
Suntrodden - Float Away
FWY! – San Gabriel Library
Henry's Dress - Over 21
DORIAN PIMPERNEL (+ Forever Pavot) – Echolana
Twin Peaks - Butterfly

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