Friday, 30 August 2013

If There Is Hell Below... whatmeworry

Download: If There Is Hell Below... whatmeworry

Rob and Callum present a podcast, the audio equivalent of a court room scene painted in pastel and photographed with hashtagnofilters. You get that reference, right?
Our jury is music and… I’m stopping this courtroom blurb theme.
There’s some great music on this podcast: Cass McCombs is back with some good singer-songwriter shit, Fat Joe delivers an ‘I’m off to slammer’ farewell with help of DJ Premier and Action Bronson; there are hip hop instrumentals from Oh No and Ahnnu; a track from Dean Blunt’s latest free to DL album; MJ from Hookworms latest project Family Scraps and more.

Friday, 23 August 2013

If There Is Hell Below... Put an X on my Hand

Download: If There Is Hell Below... Put an X on my Hand

Rob and Callum try to attempt a level of professionalism but with a nagging desire to slander some of music’s most powerful and respected coupled with unexpected door-step guests, this can often evade.
Praise be that possibly 70% of these podcasts are papered over with great music as chosen by these broadcasting rogues.
That 70% includes Boogarins a Brazilian psych outfit, so-called avant-garde pop group Virginia Wing, tight-harmony noise-pop from Regal Degal, a new ones from Parquet Courts, Together Pangea, Matthew E White, Eagulls and more.
Note: there’s a moment where audio goes a wee echoey, bear with it and enjoy the ride.

Friday, 16 August 2013

If There Is Hell Below... Head On Jetpack Collision

Download: If There Is Hell Below... Head On Jetpack Collision

Callum and Rob regale in tales of jetpacks, machines that allow one to flip through the ocean like a dolphin and Dogboys – all bases covered. Then there’s music; we’ll talk about music and will most likely drop some clangers.
The music itself remains clanger free with the incredible return of White Denim and Black Milk, the Beck/Revolver psych of The Sufis, the cut-the-bullshit punk from Meat Market and Big Ups, psych from Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, dark ominous Birthday Party tones from Pop. 1280 and more.

Friday, 9 August 2013

If There Is Hell Below... America's Sweetheart

Download: If There Is Hell Below... America's Sweetheart

Hey guy, crack open a room-temperature bottle of Focklestone's Peculiar, Bishops Head or Wedgewood because we have some songs for you, you and Molly Ringwald aka America’s Sweetheart.

There’s some grooves in this podcast from Dam Funk & Steve Arrington's meeting of disco funk minds to that 80s Footloose/Love Is A Battlefield (don’t fight it) swing of Frankie Rose and The Preatures. There’s something to rhythmically nod and beard stroke to with Tape Deck Mountain and Bill Callahan’s dub inflicted LP taster plus Jonathan Wilson and Midlake return with some psychedelic folk and west-coast rock. We find some space for hip hop with something from Sonyae and Scotland’s Young Fathers plus other such sonic nuggets of joy inside.


Friday, 2 August 2013

If There Is Hell Below... The Meerkat Dollar

Rob and Callum now claim to have gained the ability to know whether a song is good without even having to listen to it, just think of a song and then imagine whether it’s good. That is of course if you don’t care for listening, which we absolutely hope you do care. Please care.
Heavy on the hip hop this week but not exclusively; with Bad Sports ticking our power pop quota, Zammuto (formerly of the Books) takes a lovely little bassline for a walk, Mac Demarco goes crazy for Swayze and there’s some incredibly dark Deliverance country tones from John McCauley. On the hip hop trail we have gold from Jeremiah Jae and Jonwayne’s respective mixtapes, something from Joey Bada$$ producer Lee Bannon and some more great German production from Sepalot.
There’s plenty more, don’t just imagine – listen.