Friday, 1 May 2009

This Side Of Funk. A New Mix

Download: This Side of Funk (right click, save link as)

A new Mini-Mix (let's use that term loosely) is up on my SpaceHips moniker. As you'd guess it leans on funk, some dirty, some soulful, some Nigerian Funk, Psychedelic (can't help myself) and a bit of Heavy Jazz Fusion.

Little Beaver-
Funkadelic Sound
Cane and Able- Girl U Move Me
Betty Davis- F.U.N.K
Baby Huey- Hard Time
African People- Stop Pushing
Mahavishnu Orchestra- Awakening
Le Super
Borgou De Parakou- Congolaise Benin Ye
African Music Machine- Black Water
Funkadelic- Mommy What's A Funkadelic?
Sly & The Family Stone-
Livin' While I'm Livin'