Friday, 30 January 2015

Sweet Boy

Download: Sweet Boy

Rob & Callum are back with a synopsis and soundtrack for what may be their best motion picture yet, cashing in on one of the easiest genre's to get right the 'coming of age'. Simply copy the greats before; a little Adventureland here, a bit of Harold & Maude there, plenty from John Hughes and the pure nostalgic essence of Freaks & Geeks. Some of the tracks in this podcast WILL make the motion picture - Big Bill has provided the title track with their strutting garage pop, Tommorow's Bacon has bought the power pop to the obligatory post-party scene whilst Slutever has provided the grunge bed to the actual party. Some of these tracks won't make the film but they're still absolute gold. Take a listen and picture the feel good movie of tomorrow.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Increasing the Brand


Rob and Callum are back with another podcast, this one is designed to increase the If There Is Hell Below BRAND. The cat gets a little involved (very internet popular atm), Rob tries to work in jokes that Micky Flannagan and the Pub Landlord would happily tell at an enormodome gig and start banging out the audience interaction like we’re the hashtag creators - all surefire BRAND INCREASERS. Music that will increase the brand includes kruatrock cosmic psych from Planes of Satori, power pop punk from BAD WEED, the mundanity of life soundtracking of Noah Wall, garage rock of Lucern Raze and the country folk of Simon Joyner. There’s other songs too: a little hip hop, some shimmering guitar indie and some jazz. Check the podcast and the brand.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Cheese: America's Shame


Rob and Callum are listening to music, talking about music, playing out the music videos of their mind and laying those thoughts onto a podcast – this podcast.
Play out your mind movie with music from the Father of synth horror soundtrack John Carpenter, roar down the highway with Sabbath heavy road rock from Babylon Sweethearts, bask in the sweet 70s sunkissed soul of Mocky and float off with Faith Healer.
There’s other tracks but spelling them out ruins the surprise so have a listen and enjoy.

Friday, 9 January 2015

On a Platter


Rob and Callum are back with the first podcast of 2015, fresh like a great morning and served up on a steaming tray with other platter’able items.
Front to back gold this week; with Rundgrenised space-prog-pop from Danny James, the stoner metal return of Torche, afro-kraut-hiphop production from Sitlaly, the best thing King Khan has done in 2015 and some soft January sounds from Cat’s Eyes, Ryley Walker and Animal Daydream.