Friday, 27 March 2015

Music for Telepathic Amphibians

Download: Music for Telepathic Amphibians

Very special show for you this week, as the podcast is being broadcasted through nature’s mind readers - the amphibians. This week Rob Morgan's voice comes via a frog whilst Callum's is amplified through a salamander.
Who says the reptiles should get all the powers?
Music this week comes from regulation warmth humans with hardcore punk from Leather Daddy, exotica library sci-fi sounds from Orlando, doomy dark funk breaks from LongDistanceDan, chiptune hair metal synth meets twee indie pop from Crying and some other ace hip hop, punk, psychedelic, folk and jangly sounds.
Listen to the amphibians telepathically communicating those positive If There's Hell Below vibes and enjoy.

Friday, 20 March 2015


Download: 200

Download our free compilation 'If There Is Hell Below Present: The Good Shit'

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re in the company of pop a cork in celebration of Rob and Callum recording 200 podcasts. If you weren’t already in the know we released 'If There Is Hell Below Present: The Good Shit' a free to download compilation of exclusive, unreleased and deep cuts from some of our favourite artists and bands. We play a few tracks from ‘The Good Shit’ plus a some other killer tracks including the punk surf of Cool Mutants and Tropical Drips, the sweet soul funk of New Jersey’s The Jack Moves and the immediate pop passion of Bully and Hop Along amongst others. There’s plenty more inside, including an incredible new Blaxploitation film and mutant talk. Thanks for listening.

Monday, 16 March 2015

If There's Hell Below Present: The Good Shit

Download and stream from bandcamp

To celebrate 200 episodes of the weekly music podcast If There’s Hell Below we have put together a compilation album of music from bands and artists we love, with exclusive tracks and deep back catalogue joys.

Every week we (Rob Morgan and Callum Eckersley) meet up to drink, talk rubbish and share our favourite new listens from the deep dark corners of wherever then throw these recorded ramblings and music online in podcast form. We’ve now done this 200 times. To mark this triumph, we have called upon the bands and artists that add some talent to this weekly hour to provide music for a mixtape/sampler/compilation of killer unreleased and exclusive tracks (plus a few ace album cuts).

This is ‘The Good Shit’, 21 tracks from the kind of freaks, outsiders, punks, stoners, drunkards, bedroom geniuses, suburban troubadours, obsessives and wits that have become friends of the podcast, the kind of folk we want at our 72 minute 200th pod party. This is the music that makes our podcast tick: garage punk rock n roll, psychedelic and folk whimsy, heavy Friday night through to Monday morning jams, alternative wit and power pop.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Deleted Scenes

Download: Deleted Scenes

Rob and Callum had their burger fun last week now they present a podcast in that classic ITHB format of new songs from different labels and chat about imaginary films that should be made and their youth, an ever shrinking dot on the horizon of life. This week they welcome the return of Joanna Gruesome, enjoy some hardcore punk from veterans Poison Idea, go a little sunset west coast disco Drug Cabin, go on a afro-psych-fuzz-heavy-rock tangent with GNOB, take a familiar powerpop route with Sheer Mag and also use The Relationship’s new Burger Record track as the springboard for a new dramedy-romcom-comingofage smash. There’s also some ace hip hop, country, post-punk and whatever else you fancy – take a listen and enjoy.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Burger Revolution

Download: The Burger Revolution

Rob and Callum present a If There Is Hell Below podcast special as part of the Burger Records Revolution; a show devoted entirely to our favourite Californian label and those who exist in the Burger Universe. As this is an all Burger Records special expect garage rock, punk, psych and power pop from weirdoes, freaks, stoners, losers and drunks.