Friday, 22 February 2013

If There Is Hell Below... Unreal Music

Download: If There Is Hell Below... Unreal Music

Rob and Callum are back after a week’s break with a podcast containing music that is undoubtedly ‘real’, in that we’ve provided songs that are there to hear and exist in reality but could also be beyond reality in how good they are and therefore become UNREAL. Being ‘unreal’ is better than being ‘real’, surely?
Whatever that is, we’ve provided our versions of the ‘unreal’ in the forms of Australian garage punks The Living Eyes and Running Gun Sound, the most old school hip hop track of the last decade from Prince Whipper Whip and Charlie Chase and some stupid talent from Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Arts Society with the Rotary Connection/Shuggie Otis shaped sound of Roman Gianarthur. There’s also new things from Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge, White Fence, Souleance and more. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Rob Morgan's Diggers Dozen vinyl mix

I played Diggers Dozen last week at Alibi on Dalston's glittering high street, a night where 12 keen record diggers select 12 (a dozen) tracks from their vinyl collection and play them to other dusty finger vinyl perverts.
The records being played were astonishingly good, everyone pulled out gem after nugget after killer track after fist-bistingly good tune; the kind of night which makes you get all insecure about the size and quality of your own record collection.

Max, who hosted the night, has put up every DJs performance from the night, which you can check on his mixcloud. I haven't listened to them all but I can tell you that everyone is pure gold, check it out 

Have a listen to my mix below, I fell short of the 30 minute time limit so could only present the 11 tracks below, I have however added my deleted 12th track for you to download.

If you're into hard rock, proto-metal, garage punk and fuzz, you could well dig on this dozen

Fontanelle – Traumaturge
Jean-Pierre Mirouze – Tivoli By Night
Ty Segall Band – Death
Funk Police – Red Blood Black Boobs
Golden Void – The Curve
Fury – Flying
Harvey Mandel – The Lark
May Blitz – For Mad Men Only
Fuzzy Duck – Double Time Woman
Pretty – Mustache In Your Face
XIT – I Was Raised
Bobb Trimble – Angel Eyes

Friday, 8 February 2013

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Hologram Uprising

Download: If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Hologram Uprising

Rob and Callum prepare themselves for the uprising of dead celebrities made entirely of light and what perils it could bring humanity.
In the meantime we’ll need to have music for the week, this week we’ve chosen the krautrock funk of Klaus Johann Grobe, the travelled soul of Charles Bradley, the next level hip hop of The Underachievers, an experimental free-jazz remix by Shinji Masuko of the Boredoms, some Dilla praise with a new posthumous track from the ITHB hero and something from his good friend Karriem Riggins and we gush over that My Bloody Valentine album (you heard about that, right?). Have a listen theirs loads more ace music inside.

Friday, 1 February 2013

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... What Decade's Your Dust?

Download: If There Is Hell Below Podcast... What Decade's Your Dust?

Rob and Callum are back along with Luke Moore as co-presenter 3; we talk about all the great bearded pursuits: micro-breweries, guitar pedal making, vintage soundboards and the work of Tolkien. 
Musical choice cuts include something from the eagerly anticipated Deltron 3030 comeback album and
a new thing from Hype Williams project Dean Blunt. There's prog rock fuzz from Wolf People, 
heavy spanish blues rock from Guadalupe Plata, hypnotic kraut-pop from Wooden Shjips offshoot Moon Duo, a cut from that incredible Parquet Courts LP and more.