Friday, 28 August 2015

In Me Cuthberts

Download: In Me Cuthberts

If everything on this podcast was released on Third Man Records it would be encased in a denim levi’s jacket worn by a Hell’s Angel and the only way to listen to these gems would be to wrestle the jacket off a 6ft7 300lb bastard. It’d be worth the fight because you’d be listening to the pre-golden era hip hop sound of Black Dave, the self-deprecating rap hype of Michael Christmas, the medieval prog-folk-doom-rock of Baron and the afro-disco-punk-sax-funk of No Zu. There’s also ace bedroom pop from Spencer Radcliffe, Woody Grant and Human Music, fierce punk rock from Timmy’s Organism and noisepop from Kathryn Calder.
Everything else is a surprise hidden underneath a vengeful cowboy’s unwieldy moustache. 

Black Dave - Groovy Ass Brotha -- Produced By Brady Becklo
Spencer Radcliffe – Mia
Human Music – Cool Party
NO ZU - Ui Yia Uia
Kathryn Calder – New Millenium
Baron – Deeper Align
Grand Killa Con - Sick Insane Cassette Tape ft. DJ Quest
Michael Christmas – Who? (Prod. Qreamybeats)
Timmy’s Organism - Wild Humanoid
Woody Grant – Sabella
Mindlowers – Sulkin’

Friday, 21 August 2015

A Friendly Male

Download: A Friendly Male

This is a deep podcast. Rob and Callum are chatting about dreams, on account of Rob’s picks being so dreamlike.
Future Museums float around your headspace with some rolling psyche instrumental, Rodinia take you on a vintage synth and breaks doom trip and Nicholas Nicholas’s bedroom pop has you questioning whether that dream wasn’t real life? There’s jangle-fuzz pop from Grave School, garage punk rock from Living Eyes and Power Nap plus more in this sleepy little gem of a podcast.

The Living Eyes – Put It Back
Grave School – Disconnect
Blu – A$hole (produced By Playa Haze)
Friendly Males – Done It Again
Future Museums – Tether
Big Girls – Why Am I So Easily Pleased
Rodinia - Drumside Part 1
Powernap – Dexies
Nicholas Nicholas – Because Of A Fire At The Paper Manufacturer
Mauno – Benny
Saintseneca – Sleeper Hold
Expert Alterations – The Past & You

Friday, 14 August 2015

Lunchtime Moonshine

Download: Lunchtime Moonshine

The teenage narc did it, didn’t he? That 6ft bumfluff-tached prick carried out his evil plan to shut that great pub with its rogue attitude to alcohol licensing; the kid is 50 quid richer and we’ve lost those sweet lock-ins.
Rob and Callum have had to go off-road and look into the moonshine game, making their own hooch and knocking back a bottle marked ‘XXX’.
The mission is to finish the bottle and make sweet jug music blowing over the top; until we’ve done that you’ll have to settle for some songs picked by your two favourite booze-hounds.
Kevin Morby provides the soundtrack to the ‘Moonshiner’ with his harvest moon folk, Monika brings the disco and Trance Farmers the garage rock boogie stomp.
Barreracudas have the killer powerpop hooks, Homeboy Sandman has listed his ‘top 5’ and the Brian Ellis Group take us on a jazz-rock odyssey.
There’s all that and more, when you knock back this juice you just need to let the lunar spirits guide you. 

Kevin Morby – Moonshner
Trance Farmers – No Fare
Monika – Secret in the Dark
Barreracudas – Shampoo
Cumstain – I’m Not Mean
Brian Ellis Group – Via De Mi Rancho
Homeboy Sandman - Arrows
Opio – Stoned Temple Pilots
Boytoy – Postal
The Rightovers – Canyon Country
Somerville Jack – Left to Know

Friday, 7 August 2015

Teenage Narc

Download: Teenage Narc

Rob and Callum have found that pub, the one with the guaranteed lock-in most Thursdays to Sundays, they even feel comfortable drinking in the pub on their own but they know at any moment that place (and it’s liberal alcohol serving policies) could be attacked by a teenage narc at any given moment. On the jukebox this week: lizard-bating hardcore punk group Casual Sect, straight-up rock from OBN IIIs and no-bullshit punk from Ex-Cult. Hotman have that 90s US indie down, Field Music are getting that jazz-prog thing going and Drunk Mums are causing a scene in Australia. We got plenty more but you need to keep your wits about you there’s a suspicious character in the corner waiting to destroy everything you love.

Cole James Cash [Spit Gemz & Chris Rivers] - Akuma VS Gouken (Prod by Cole James Cash)
Fernando & the Teenage Narcs - Can't Stand Kevin
Casual Sect – World War 2 (Part 2)
Drunk Mums – Pub on My Own
Eton Mess – Daylight
Ex-Cult – Stick the Knife In
Hotman – Ghost Love
Field Music – The Storm Gathers
Spring Onion – Passover Song
Thee Tsunamis – Saturday Night Sweetheart
Shelf Life – Sinking Just Right

Friday, 31 July 2015

Noises of Pleasure

Download: Noises of Pleasure

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for, you thought it was a legend, something other people did - you’re in a ‘Lock-In’. You’ve made the grade, you’re smoking inside, you’re allowed to get the drinks yourself (‘just call it a tenner for the drinks’) and you’ve got your pals Rob and Callum with you, they’re chatting about denim care and picking the music. This is the dream and we’re bringing it to you in this very podcast. On the jukebox this week: that late night after the poolside party soul funk from Dornik, noise punk from Sealings, country psych from Promised Land Sound and rapidfire power pop from Tim Krol. Plenty other ace tunes going on, have a listen and enjoy. The dream has come true – it’s a lock-in.

Mike Krol – This Is The News
Bueno – Assed Out
Dornik – Drive (BADBADNOTGOOD Remix)
Lunch Ladies – You’re Not There
Promised Land Sound – She Takes Me There
SEALINGS – White Devil
Angels Dust – Haunted
Phylums – Go Home
Molly Drag – Intensive Care
Mild High Club – Undeniable
Coyote Lee - INTRO(prod. Sani)
Gun Outfit – Gotta Wanna

Friday, 24 July 2015


Download: Podvert

Rob and Callum bring you the If There Is Hell Below Podcast sponsored by Your Dad.
We got some nice heavy rock for him from Sons of Huns, they make him want to buy a motor bike and wear a denim waistcoat; there’s  something from a band called SPORTS,  your Dad loves all the sport, so he’ll love their yearning indie pop; there’s some NZ punk from Raw Nerves with a track called ‘I Dream of Wizards’,  your Dad read all the LOTRs when they came out and we’ve got some Studio 54 disco from Par-Le, who satisfy your Dad’s deepest secret musical love.
There’s plenty more ace stuff within, something for you and all your differing Dads.

Trouble Knows Me – Trouble Knows Me (Prod. Madlib)
Monogold – Pink Lemonade
Miserable Chillers – Judy
Zig Zags – Sunken City
Sons of Huns – Eye in the Sky
SPORTS – Saturday
Par-Le – Exclusive
The Raw Nerves – I Dream of Wizards
Princess Reason – Your Divorce
Panaderia – Una
Executive Toys – The Weather (Part 1)
Rats on Rafts – Sleep Little Child