Thursday, 28 May 2015

Fantasy HellFest '15

Download: Fantasy HellFest '15

In a 15ft by 15ft garden in Archway, London; Rob and Calum plot their fantasy - as yet officially unnamed but already completely booked - festival.
Don’t want to spoil any surprises but we have managed to book two headliners that nobody ever expected to see onstage again (it’s not The Smiths either, that’d be a piece of piss in comparison), we’ve got the most Good Shat band of all time, we’ve got two of our favourite songwriters breaking their years of sobriety to get fucked and play some songs. Our favourite new live band are here, a modern funk god has taken up the whole garden with his band and other ace artists all set to play a festival people will smuggly lie that they went to.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Let's Start a War

Download: Let's Start a War

If you’ve followed last couple of weeks you’ll know that Rob and Callum are making big calls; shots fired at the lizard folk has led to a war being declared between us and buzzfeed. We’ll give you 23 reasons why we’re up for this with Harry Potter.gifs. In the meantime here are 12 songs from the unapologetic 70s hard rock of Beat Cops to the triumphant punk of Shy Mirrors, from the barroom country rock of T. Hardy Morris to the hazy west coast harmonies of Ultimate Painting, from psych folk drones of Blood Warrior to the post-punk goth jams of Nots and more. Have a listen, like the facebook, follow us on audioboom and all that but most importantly – listen.

Friday, 15 May 2015

The 5 to 8 Music Types

Download: The 5 to 8 Music Types

The All-Seeing Eye (Rob) and (Brother) Callum are looking into getting that eccie thing sorted, a possible loophole has been spotted but to really push it through they’re gonna really have to commit to running a cult. So, please excuse (but embrace) this podcast as a springboard to promote this pretty sweet cult. It’s cool if you join BTW. Whilst not pushing our agenda we are putting songs into your ears, 12 songs from the 5 to 8 different types of music: very French cool music from Laure Baird, psych and spoken word from Eutepre, garagerockindieamericansound from Swiftumz, soft-sexy-swedepop-groove from The Legends, jinglejangle pop from Finnmark! and the lefter sounds of 70s AOR from Surface to Air Missive. There are a few more songs that hit all corners of the 5-8 music shape, just open up and listen.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Go to School on an Eccie

Download: Go to School on an Eccie

Here’s the sound of Rob and Callum post-vote / pre-what happened next as a podcast; a snapshot of a simpler more naïve time, check their positivity and check their hope as they plan their ‘eccies on the NHS’ campaign. Half of Rob’s picks sound like varying levels of Prefab Sprout from the kind of Sprouts (Peach Peach), to the more Prefab Steely Dan LA breeze Sprout (iji) and just plain Prefab Sprout (Roman A Clef). That may be a lot to take in, but we do have power pop from Terry & Louie, hip hop from DOOM protégé Bishop Nehru and the studious Small Professor plus an ace remix from Nerftoss and some Love Supreme era Coltrane jazz from Binker & Moses. You need this podcast today and for the rest of days.

Friday, 1 May 2015

The wanderer returns

Download: The wanderer returns

Rob thought he only went to get some tins but the wanderer Callum has returned from the longest beer trek of his short life and with a bag of booze there is no better thing than to record this lovely pod. As the pod is back and we’re in such a great mood we’ve pulled out the boozin’ rock n roll of Lee Bains III, the angst fury of Vexx, the knees up garage rock Ravi Shavi and the wig out jams of Dommengang. There’s also some hip hop, a bit of library music and some new wave, take a listen it's all good


Friday, 24 April 2015

more fugging fuggets

Download: more fugging fuggets

More fugging fuggets more fugging garage punk heavy rock power pop nuggets for all you 21st century dwelling double denim beer stained weed stinking under/over sexed fuckwits to lose your shit to. This is a mix put together by Rob whilst Callum loses his own shit in Cambodia.

Zig Zags – Let’s Die
Hot Lunch – Slappy Sunday
Needle Exchange – Counteract
In School – Conquest
Vexx – Sleeping in the Attic
The Splits – Melody
Twisted – Aliento
Leather Daddy – At Night
Useless Eaters – Dungeon
Cool Mutants – Let People
Pronto – Red Flag
Mean Jeans – I Think U Stink
Cumstain  - Rock n Roll Don’t Pay the Bills
The Seeers – Without Lites
BAD WEED – Keep On Running
Gal Pals – Punisher
Sheer Mag – Button Up
Dead Farmers – Can’t Go
Lame Drivers – Outlaw For A Day
Matthew Melton – Words I Never Learned
Hector’s Pets – Teenacher
Porno Mags – Not Free
Lame Drivers – Outlaw for a Day
Lost Boy? – Hollywood
Pop Zeus & Wyatt Blair – I’ve Never Been More Alive