Friday, 25 May 2012

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Perfect Seed


Prey to your new overlord ‘the Universe’s right hand man’ and provide your best women for his Perfect Seed, before that have a listen to Rob and Callum’s little podcast.
There’s a misunderstanding of ‘thropy’s’ and music. That music, that comes in the sound of; the ‘King of Bubu’ Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, No Joy and their inevitable reference shoegaze noise  reference point (hey, it aint a bad thing), there’s a Loch Ness Mouse making a cross between Miles Davies Jazz fusion and Stones gospel, Stevie Jackson makes a Parisian Nilsson and... well there’s plenty more wonders inside, have a listen.

Friday, 18 May 2012

If There Is Hell Below... Middle Class Archetype


Rob has gangrene and Callum has a Level 2 Sailing License, it’s the classic oddball pairing, it should never work. Yet, these two mavericks have bought in the ‘12 definitive things you need to listen to this week’, we say that like it means something – you judge for yourself. 
Some of those things include: The flat-out funk of Jungle Fire, Pond’s  the fuzz rock cover of a Motown classic, boozey punk from JEFF the Brotherhood, country samplings from Jib Kidder, Swedish psych folk from the unknown Einar Leiknar, something beautiful from SFA’s Cian Ciaran and other things, which you’ll have to discover inside the pod.

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Friday, 11 May 2012

If There Is Hell Below... The Floppy Vandal


Everyone is a massive fan of their own show, so the least Rob and Callum could do is whip up some enthusiasm. That’s for you to do, can’t see how you could as we chat about copping a look at Paul Weller in a urinal, lone Parisian women and destroying floppy disks.
We pay tribute MCA Adam Yauch and lay down two of our favourite Beastie Boys and  provide further Hip Hop listening from Oh No, El-P and Open Mike Eagle. There’s some Vangelis Blade Runner level electronics, Foxygen and their 10 hook-per-song pop and modern psych stylings from Opossom and Melody’s Echo Chamber. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Public Grot


Rob & Callum bring you a podcast with a warning; wear a hat to keep your brain safely bolted in while you listen to this – you’ll find out why. We discuss 2012 the year of the comic book movie, Callum the Nerdlinger and Rob’s nostalgia for phone box grot. Music flits from the candid folk recordings of Karen Dalton to hip hop’s new young hope 17y/o Joey Bada$$, some krautrock space drones from Kogumaza, Twin Shadow’s hyped up new great thing, Ty Segall’s band deliver noise and US Aries bring something wonderfully obscure electronic soul... There are more tracks, but you knew that. 


Karen Dalton – Don’t Make Promises
Twin Shadow – Five Seconds
Jewellers – Sing Trees
Vox Dei – Total Qué (A Nadie Le Interesa Si Quedás Atrás)
Ty Segall Band – Wave Goodbye
U.S. Aries – Are You Ready To Come?
Joey Bada$$ - World Domination
Grass Widows – Disappearing Industries
Joanna Gruesome – Sweater
Kogumaza – Ursids
AM & Shawn Lee – Dark Into Light
Orca Orca – Say So