Thursday, 19 June 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast.. You know them Friels


Rob & Callum are back plugging into their target audience; the beautiful and the wise. Speaking of plugging plenty of it
in this pod for our new DJ night starting July 19th at the Earl Derby – music and alcohol, it’ll be like being in the podcast.
Music this week is front to back killer from the glam rock power pop of Mother’s Children to the Stepkids presenting their experimental (and possibly superior) side, there’s satisfying hooky pop from Cocktails, next level hip hop from Busdriver feat Danny Brown and Aesop Rock plus some tales of the road from country bluegrass playboy Bradford Lee Folk.

There’s more of course, take a listen and enjoy.

Friday, 13 June 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... DIYS


Take that stodgy slow-cooking stew off the stove; you need something quick, immediate, satisfying and potentially bad for you – like Rob and Callum’s ITHB podcast.

Immediacy comes in the form of garage punk and indie pop from Modern Pets, TOONS, Doozies and Spider Bags and satisfaction comes from the hip hop groove of Megabusive and RnB funk of Sinkane. Again, all killer tracks in this one take a listen to the rest  – Download It You Scum.

Friday, 6 June 2014

If There Is Hell Below... Top 5 Experiences


Callum and Rob provide something for the atheist and the spiritual among you, great stories and truths lie within and all you have to do is believe. We know you’re smart, top 1 percent thinkers the lot of you. Tell your friends this podcast will unlock their potential through song and banal chat.

Killer set of songs this week: with Hector’s Pets bringing some leave your brain at the door dive bar rock n roll, The Bilinda Butchers who, as you’d imagine, make shoegaze music, NickAstro who adds to the stable of exciting rappers from Chicago and something new from our unofficial house band Milky Onions.
There’s more inside, take a listen you enlightened soul.