Friday, 31 July 2015

Noises of Pleasure

Download: Noises of Pleasure

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for, you thought it was a legend, something other people did - you’re in a ‘Lock-In’. You’ve made the grade, you’re smoking inside, you’re allowed to get the drinks yourself (‘just call it a tenner for the drinks’) and you’ve got your pals Rob and Callum with you, they’re chatting about denim care and picking the music. This is the dream and we’re bringing it to you in this very podcast. On the jukebox this week: that late night after the poolside party soul funk from Dornik, noise punk from Sealings, country psych from Promised Land Sound and rapidfire power pop from Tim Krol. Plenty other ace tunes going on, have a listen and enjoy. The dream has come true – it’s a lock-in.

Mike Krol – This Is The News
Bueno – Assed Out
Dornik – Drive (BADBADNOTGOOD Remix)
Lunch Ladies – You’re Not There
Promised Land Sound – She Takes Me There
SEALINGS – White Devil
Angels Dust – Haunted
Phylums – Go Home
Molly Drag – Intensive Care
Mild High Club – Undeniable
Coyote Lee - INTRO(prod. Sani)
Gun Outfit – Gotta Wanna

Friday, 24 July 2015


Download: Podvert

Rob and Callum bring you the If There Is Hell Below Podcast sponsored by Your Dad.
We got some nice heavy rock for him from Sons of Huns, they make him want to buy a motor bike and wear a denim waistcoat; there’s  something from a band called SPORTS,  your Dad loves all the sport, so he’ll love their yearning indie pop; there’s some NZ punk from Raw Nerves with a track called ‘I Dream of Wizards’,  your Dad read all the LOTRs when they came out and we’ve got some Studio 54 disco from Par-Le, who satisfy your Dad’s deepest secret musical love.
There’s plenty more ace stuff within, something for you and all your differing Dads.

Trouble Knows Me – Trouble Knows Me (Prod. Madlib)
Monogold – Pink Lemonade
Miserable Chillers – Judy
Zig Zags – Sunken City
Sons of Huns – Eye in the Sky
SPORTS – Saturday
Par-Le – Exclusive
The Raw Nerves – I Dream of Wizards
Princess Reason – Your Divorce
Panaderia – Una
Executive Toys – The Weather (Part 1)
Rats on Rafts – Sleep Little Child

Friday, 17 July 2015

Ballad of a Vengeful Crow

Download: Ballad of a Vengeful Crow

  Rob and Callum are back taking over your earwaves like the pigeon on the crow’s facebook; more about that story in the pod but you ain’t gonna get pissed like the crow – this podcast is a good thing. Music this week has a fist in the air, the shackles are off and we don’t give a fuck attitude with life-affirming punk from All Dogs and those Adventureland feels from Salad Boys. There are more ace sounds from Australia with the sweet harmonies and hooks of Sleepy, the goth punk of Ghastly Spats and pub rock swag of You Beauty. We also fit in some hip hop with some forward-thinking beats and flow from SHIRT and an ode to pre-internet crate digging from the Fabreeze Brothers. There’s plenty more to love in this podcast, be sure to spread the word and keep on listening. 

Sleepy – The Ride Up
Luke Reed – Across the Room
You Beauty – Illywhacker
All Dogs – That Kind of Girl
Decider – Took the Time
Shirt – Cuba
Fabreeze Brothers – Golden Crown (featuring Oxygen)
Salad Boys – Dream Date
Ghastly Spats - Obsessed
Wedding – Ruth
Philadelphia Collins - Dogsbody (feat. Sam Rosenberg)
Younghusband – Better Times

Friday, 10 July 2015

Little Yellow Bastards

Download: Little Yellow Bastards

Are Rob and Callum - your podcast hosts - taking crazy pills or are those little yellow one-eyed goggle bastards everywhere? Part of this pod is taken up trying to explain that and questioning whether this may be their sanity slipping away. We kick off this music show with 7-plus-minutes of post-punk social-commentary from Ought, which is a lot more appealing and satisfying than it sounds, we move into some Oz jangle stalker-pop from Crayon Fields and play some killer hip hop from Gangrene and Hurt Everybody. There's also some punk, middle-eastern psych funk vibes and noise rock. If you can confirm that we're not losing our minds please let us know on facebook, twitter and all them fun things

Ought – Beautiful Blue Sky
Crayon Fields – She’s My Hero
Hurt Everybody - Social Network (Gang) feat. Mick Jenkins (Prod. By Mulatto Beats)
Girls Names – A Hunger Artist
Helen – Motorcycle
American Culture – For Keeps
Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Moksha
Andy Human & The Reptoids – Stutter
Good Field – Business
Can’s – Piss Out
Gangrene – Hot Pillow
Crime Lab – Really Sorry

Friday, 3 July 2015


Download: HJ

Rob and Callum are not men of restraint takes about 7 seconds to break
their target of a podcast with zero swears, soz.
Music this week is front to back good with bedroom pop from the feedback
grooves of Farewell Foxes and the lofi pop of Sean Henry, Naytronix provides  some alcohol on a yacht vibes, Future Graves are your new favourite garage punks, Uncle Bobby takes you on a one man trip and Joell Ortiz provides some nasty hip hop.
There's more songs inside plus all the cuss words. Like us, rate us and talk to us.