Friday, 17 July 2015

Ballad of a Vengeful Crow

Download: Ballad of a Vengeful Crow

  Rob and Callum are back taking over your earwaves like the pigeon on the crow’s facebook; more about that story in the pod but you ain’t gonna get pissed like the crow – this podcast is a good thing. Music this week has a fist in the air, the shackles are off and we don’t give a fuck attitude with life-affirming punk from All Dogs and those Adventureland feels from Salad Boys. There are more ace sounds from Australia with the sweet harmonies and hooks of Sleepy, the goth punk of Ghastly Spats and pub rock swag of You Beauty. We also fit in some hip hop with some forward-thinking beats and flow from SHIRT and an ode to pre-internet crate digging from the Fabreeze Brothers. There’s plenty more to love in this podcast, be sure to spread the word and keep on listening. 

Sleepy – The Ride Up
Luke Reed – Across the Room
You Beauty – Illywhacker
All Dogs – That Kind of Girl
Decider – Took the Time
Shirt – Cuba
Fabreeze Brothers – Golden Crown (featuring Oxygen)
Salad Boys – Dream Date
Ghastly Spats - Obsessed
Wedding – Ruth
Philadelphia Collins - Dogsbody (feat. Sam Rosenberg)
Younghusband – Better Times

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