Friday, 28 February 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Danger! We Rock


Rob and Callum present what they may believe to be their best tracklisting of 2014 – all bases are covered!
Token jangle from I DO NOT LOVE and Mary Onettes, garage punk from Thee MVP’s, East Coast posse rap from ONYX, g-funk filth from 100s and the channelling of one of the pods favourite singers from Criminal Hygeine.
There’s more besides in what could be WORLD CLASS podcast.

Friday, 21 February 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Radio Clyde Demo #155


Rob & Callum present the If There Is Hell Below podcast, well, they call it a podcast it’s just another radio demo for Radio Clyde (call us).

We know the kind of shit that station is looking for – good music and top chat.

So we have Pink Mountaintops returning with what could possibly be lyrically the grossest song ever played (CRFM A playlist fodder) and we have music about Kool-Aid from the sugary sweet pop group The Lemons. There’s dark hip hop from L’Orange, a Jonwayne instrumental and some lofi blue eyed soul from Pure X. There’s more besides and trust me when I say it’s ALL Clyde Radio contract clinching material.

Friday, 14 February 2014

An If There Is Hell Below Mix... fuggets


Garage punk heavy rock power pop nuggets for today’s fuckups, fuckwits, wasters, dropouts and outsiders.
‘fuggets’ is the first of a new series of mixes compiled by Rob Morgan of the If There Is Hell Below podcast .

Slowcoaches – Total Block
Dirty Fences – Will Anything Happen
Giuda – Number 10
Wau y los Arrrghs!!! – Todo Lo Voy A Romper
Nightmare Boyzzz – Valium
Wyatt Blair – Girls!
VAGUESS – Danny’s Park
Fawn Spots – Watered Down
Bully – Brainfreeze
Violent Change – Word Around Town
Black Tambourines – Crosseyed
Tony Molina – Don’t Come Back
Pontiak – Innocence
Endless Bummer – What I Want
Theo Verney – Heavy Sunn
Zig Zags – Turbo Hit
Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make
Thee mvp’s – Woman is a Danger Cat
The Raydios – No Expectations
NoBunny – Bye Bye Roxy
The Lemons – Chubby Checker
Jack Name – Pure Terror

Friday, 7 February 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... The Three Seashells


Rob and Callum present another madcapped podcast, there’s some music and then there’s chat about Three Seashells and then a little bit of darkness but the music, that’s why you’re here – right?

Klaus Layer and Daniel Dusentrieb provide some more killer reasons to keep an ear on the German hip hop scene, Curtis Harding brings some soul to Burger Records and Black Milk keeps on producing gold. There’s fuzz and reverb from Vaguess, H. Grimace and Playlounge with plenty else to enjoy.