Friday, 22 January 2016

HR for the Crack Dealer

Download: HR for the Crack Dealer

Rob and Callum are tackling big musical debates in this podcast, like whether Lisa Simpson is a good saxophonist? She’s arguably one of the most famous players of all time but have you heard that Jazzman song, her tribute to her fallen hero Bleeding Gum’s Murphy? It’s not a very good song is it?
Music this week is sweet and heavy with garage rock, punk and psych rock all being collectively handled by Andy Human and the Reptoids, CFM (Charlie Mootheart) and Japan’s Fuzzist And The Voodoo Bones. The sweetness of power pop, bedroom pop and folk pop comes from Mother’s Children, Molly Drag and Daniel Johnsson (in that genre order). There’s also some ace hip hop from KA and rain but you should probably just take the plunge and listen to this enthralling edition of If There’s Hell Below.

Andy Human and The Reptoids - Sarcastic 
Marvelous Mark - Sun Goes Down 
CFM – Lunar Heroine
Daniel Johnsson - Cast a Spell
Molly Drag – Tanner Buildings
KA - 30 Keys
Rain.. - Wa'gwan (Chariot VII) +|Mge|+ 
Mother's Children – Protection
Fuzzist And The Voodoo Bones – Searching
Smiles – Black Hearts
Nicklas Sorensen – Solo1
Earthless – End to End

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