Friday, 15 January 2016

Build-A-Bear Group

Download: Build-A-Bear Group

Here’s your boys Rob and Callum doing their bit for the music podcasting game, trying their hardest to breakthrough into that top 10 music podcast club; a society where the Bilderberg Group’s Tiesto rules supreme.
Sad news this week with the passing of a man whose footprints are all over the music we play in the podcast week in and week out; this episode is no exception as heard on Nicholas Krgovich’s 80s disco swing and in King Khan and the Shrines garage rock n roll tribute to the irreplaceable David Bowie. Elsewhere, there’s some power pop glam stomp from Slick, obnoxious punk from Wet Ones and fresh takes on boom bap hip hop from Ahsh Eff and Oslo’s Ivan Ave. There’s also sweet nostalgia from Helsinki indie group Black Twig and scuzz pop from Sean Henry amongst other musical wonders.

Nicholas Krgovich - The Place Goes Quiet
Ahsh Eff - Storefront (Prod. Mess Kid & Stelios Phili)
THE CRAWLERS - Always Be True To Your Heart
Ivan Ave - Moves
sean henry - dreamcatcher caught
Black Twig – 1998
Slick – Coming Down
Dearness - THAW
S.I.T.H - Bill Cosby - Bill Time
Wet Ones - Get Lost
King Khan & The Shrines (feat. Jatinder Durhailay Singh) - David Bowie R. I. P.

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