Friday, 8 January 2016

Blame it on Manitowoc

Download: Blame it on Manitowoc

A healthy and optimistic Rob and Callum return with the first If There’s Hell Below podcast of 2016, free of all the sinful things we did last year; if you find empty beer cans and pizza boxes in our recycling boxes be assured we knew nothing about them, they were planted by the Manitowoc police department and we are completely innocent. In fact, if you see evidence of us misbehaving this year,  it is entirely likely that we were stitched up by Ken Kratz and co.
The 12 songs committed to this podcast are legit killers from the cosmic krautrock of Cavern of Anti-Matter to Afro-Latin Vintage Orchestra’s rapidfire funk hip hop breaks, from the post-post-punk of SODA to the garage punk rock of London’s Virgin Kids. There’s ace German hip hop from Bongobo Zen & Nepumuk, madlib’esque vibes from Thelonious Martin and sweet folk acoustic picking  from The Big Ship.
There’s more tunes beside and our DNA is all over it.

AfroLatin Vintage Orchestra – Schizo Damien Jurado - Exit 353
King Thelonious – AfternoonSwim
Fog Lake - Strung Back Around
Cavern of Anti-Matter - melody in high feedback tones
Soda - Blonde On Blonde
Virgin Kids – My Alone
Bongobo Zen & Nepumuk - Kein Sinn
Vic Spencer - It's On: Pt. II (produced by House Shoes)
Hus Kingpin – Waveman
The Big Ship - The Boathouse Story

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