Friday, 5 February 2016

The Wet Suit

Download: The Wet Suit

Rob and Callum can sense things becoming a ‘thing’ even when they are a ‘thing, they’ve noted it; like albums having tasting notes and suggested lifestyle pairings as if they were a wine. It’s sickly and condescending but, we feel it’s worth a pop to tap into that instagramed-filtered life.
So dangle this unboxed wine-bag of musical delights above your head and just take it all in; from the opening jazz-fusion kick of Sun Watchers to the space-western finale from Contact Field Orchestra. In between you’ll find heady notes of the guitar instrument with the likes of The Sick Things who will make your head spin with power-pop immediacy, Neighbors who sound like they’ve been to art school at a time when art schools were the ‘thing’ and Fake Laugh who get you woozy on pop but like a great friend Purling Hiss are here too with a comforting bed of fuzz-rock.
The other tracks and their wonders will reveal themselves upon listening – enjoy.

Sun Watchers - Herd Of Creeps
Purling Hiss - Fumble Tumble
Songs For Walter – Useless
The Sick Things – We Figured It Out
The Skiffle Players - Til Stone Day Comes
Emotional – Hand 4 Hire
Fake Laugh - Birdsong Lullaby
Horse Jumper of Love – Ugly Brunette
Mind Spiders – Cold
Two White Cranes – Unattached
Neighbors – Secret
Contact Field Orchestra – Sluice Box Tavern

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