Friday, 30 October 2015

Pickled Delicacy

Download: Pickled Delicacy

Rob and Callum are chatting about this thing WE call ‘life’ over a nice dinner of songs, take a seat it’s a nice meal. They went to the music butcher especially to get the good chunks of musicmeat and popped them in the stew of life served alongside whatever’s in the pickle jar. ‘What colour is your day?’ we’ll talk about that. Choices this week are [flame emoji] fire and soothing ice, you need the fire but you need to soothe the burns: fire comes producer and rapper Nolan The Ninja who comes straight out of Detroit with the kind of heavy hip hop that city is famed for and at the top of the show eastern beats and low-ride grooves from def.sound. Blue Jean Committee provide soothing Californian harmonies served with champagne filled coconuts, Sam Giambalvo serenades with comforting guitar picking and hushed vocals and Shay and the Laufman’s send you down the river on a soft-pop lullaby. There’s more besides, it’s all good.

Def.sound - †rILL . △LL▲H ☾ Prod. By . Z∆ck Sekøff ☽
Ubu Roi - Ubu Roi
Eerie Wanda – Volcano Lagoon
Sam Giambalvo – Stinson
The Dicktations- (Where Were You) Dreamin’
Wann Sklobi (The 6th Man) - Fresh Produce 121
Nolan the Ninja – deploi. (feat. Phat Kat) (prod. by 5ynoT)
Rodents - Calm Down
Blue Jean Committee - Catalina Breeze
Shay and the Laufmans - It Woke Me Up
Mndsgn - Bweyy (feat. Swarvy)
Matt Kivel - Janus

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