Friday, 1 August 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Terry's Malts


Rob and Callum are back from a week off, a return from the edge of the country and back to a world where you’re judged by which one of two bagel shops you go to. 
A week off, so that means the tunes are doubly good this week, what a week, front to back killer and so on; hip hop comes from the cosmos via France from Astronote, Tom Petty’s bastard sons Nude Beach are back with some sonic nectar, Meatbodies provide a slab from their new album out on In The Red (which gives you an idea to the sound) and there’s some NWOBHM loving from London’s Amulet. There’s also some cuts from Dope Body, Gross Pointe and LVL Up. 

All gold, check the nuggets inside.

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