Friday, 18 July 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... 25 Reasons You Want to be a Wizard


Rob & Callum Gylifinakisddsaf are back with the 172nd sequel of the original ITHB podcast; just like Callum’s older body double and star of shit hashtagLAD comedy The Hangover. If an idea is good once it should remain good forever. And so these series of ramblings, punctuated by great songs continue. With the hypnotic drone of Dylan Carson’s Earth, the denim-clad-garage-teen-pop of Cozy and The Budos Band go a little Gandalf the grey with a proggy take on their funk sound. Paul White puts down the sampler in favour of glam beat and dusty psych sound, plus there’s punk from Pissed Jeans and hip hop from Sulaiman. There are some other tracks too but you don’t want to give the whole thing away in the trailer, do you? 

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