Friday, 4 July 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Bloody Woolworm


It’s your boys Rob and Callum, back for another If There Is Hell Below podcast. Callum returns from the festival of arts and music with a diablo, a nipple ring and a lovely stick of fire eat; he’s here with all that stuff but luckily he’s bought a bag of digital music surpassing the whole of the festival’s programming. Out of that bag comes Genuine Leather sounding like the kind of guy we’d like to party with, the incredible new one from Spoon and the return of Mazes with some ace poppy fuzz rock. There’s hip hop from the latest Adrian Younge produced Souls of Mischief album plus psych tropicalia from Fumaça Preta and the floaty jazz lofi funk of MNDSGN. There’s plenty more inside; suppose you gotta listen man, to really get off on the full vibes of this podcast… Man. 

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