Friday, 29 August 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Pillow Eyes


Join Rob and Callum for another If There Is Hell Below Podcast; they’re discussing the possibility of a new swear word to freshen up our fruity vocabulary. Ideally something subtly offensive but not derogatory to a person; at first it seems like just a stupid word but slowly reveals it’s grotesque-self, whilst being highly enjoyable to say. Top to bottom killer from all the music types this week: snotty garage punk from Needle Points, rhythmically Brazilian smooth-AM rock from Japan’s Shintaro Sakamoto, dreamy pop from Sunbeam Sound Machine with hip hop from Gorgeous Children and a Nottz produced track from Halo. There’s some Prefab meets Ariel Pink pop, some punk, some indie music and garage rock delights from Australia. Take a listen and when you’ve dreamed up that New Swear email us at mail(at)

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