Friday, 14 August 2015

Lunchtime Moonshine

Download: Lunchtime Moonshine

The teenage narc did it, didn’t he? That 6ft bumfluff-tached prick carried out his evil plan to shut that great pub with its rogue attitude to alcohol licensing; the kid is 50 quid richer and we’ve lost those sweet lock-ins.
Rob and Callum have had to go off-road and look into the moonshine game, making their own hooch and knocking back a bottle marked ‘XXX’.
The mission is to finish the bottle and make sweet jug music blowing over the top; until we’ve done that you’ll have to settle for some songs picked by your two favourite booze-hounds.
Kevin Morby provides the soundtrack to the ‘Moonshiner’ with his harvest moon folk, Monika brings the disco and Trance Farmers the garage rock boogie stomp.
Barreracudas have the killer powerpop hooks, Homeboy Sandman has listed his ‘top 5’ and the Brian Ellis Group take us on a jazz-rock odyssey.
There’s all that and more, when you knock back this juice you just need to let the lunar spirits guide you. 

Kevin Morby – Moonshner
Trance Farmers – No Fare
Monika – Secret in the Dark
Barreracudas – Shampoo
Cumstain – I’m Not Mean
Brian Ellis Group – Via De Mi Rancho
Homeboy Sandman - Arrows
Opio – Stoned Temple Pilots
Boytoy – Postal
The Rightovers – Canyon Country
Somerville Jack – Left to Know

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