Friday, 28 August 2015

In Me Cuthberts

Download: In Me Cuthberts

If everything on this podcast was released on Third Man Records it would be encased in a denim levi’s jacket worn by a Hell’s Angel and the only way to listen to these gems would be to wrestle the jacket off a 6ft7 300lb bastard. It’d be worth the fight because you’d be listening to the pre-golden era hip hop sound of Black Dave, the self-deprecating rap hype of Michael Christmas, the medieval prog-folk-doom-rock of Baron and the afro-disco-punk-sax-funk of No Zu. There’s also ace bedroom pop from Spencer Radcliffe, Woody Grant and Human Music, fierce punk rock from Timmy’s Organism and noisepop from Kathryn Calder.
Everything else is a surprise hidden underneath a vengeful cowboy’s unwieldy moustache. 

Black Dave - Groovy Ass Brotha -- Produced By Brady Becklo
Spencer Radcliffe – Mia
Human Music – Cool Party
NO ZU - Ui Yia Uia
Kathryn Calder – New Millenium
Baron – Deeper Align
Grand Killa Con - Sick Insane Cassette Tape ft. DJ Quest
Michael Christmas – Who? (Prod. Qreamybeats)
Timmy’s Organism - Wild Humanoid
Woody Grant – Sabella
Mindlowers – Sulkin’

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