Friday, 24 October 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Burglarization


Rob and Callum are chatting about the music with its blowing into instruments, synthetic keyboards; with its loud bit and soft bits and it's spiritual moments. This is a podcast where your hosts may blind you with the technicalities of music and you'll be smarter for it and will likely enjoy music more. Songs from all the genres this week: afro jazz funk rhythms from Jungle Fire, jazz funk from Butcher Brown, not jazz funk but power pop from MAMA, psychedelic hip hop from AJ Suede, straight up golden era from Jay Rock, bedroom pop from Bill Baird and songwriting music via John Southworth. Plus more artists with more songs from more genres inside this incredible music podcast.

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Moritat Music said...

good ass mixtape you fellows put together here. cheers!