Friday, 31 October 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Are You Open to the Idea?


Rob and Callum would like to apologise in advance, this podcast does head into the gutter a little but when two bands in this show are called Cumstain and Porno Mags plus one of the songs is called Funky Dildo, the only way is the gutter. After last week’s mixed bag of genres we’ve reverted back to type with garage punk offerings from those two previously mentioned grotty bands plus the token power pop moment comes from Barreracudas . There’s some ace new hip hop from Remy Banks, Pep Love and something from the hip hop album of the moment. Standard tastes met, we also take in some sophistofunkpop from Dutch Uncles, some sweet gentle folk from Angelo de Augustine and the Philly soul meets post-Pet Sounds return of BC Camplight. All that and a little more inside this horrible little podcast.

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