Friday, 14 June 2013

If There Is Hell Below... Lizard Detector

Download: If There Is Hell Below... Lizard Detector

Rob & Callum present another If There Is Hell Below podcast, we aim to open that third-eye of yours and get your secret-limb reaching beyond what you ever thought was reachable.
Of course the Lizards don’t want you to know this, they are dancing the merry dance lead by the artist known simply as Ke$ha.
So set your lizard detectors to ‘music mode’ and survey these aural conspiracies; there’s a new track by The Stepkids whose Steely Dan jazz and disgracefully high-level playing is so suspiciously good that they can’t be human. Polska Radio One discombubble our own astute radar with their XTRMNTR aping electronic kraut-psych that in other hands is ‘KASABIAN’ (cover up code for ‘shit’). Hezus provide some otherworldly drumbreaks, Weekend Money still refuse to be bogged down in the trap mire with another killer cut, King Khan leads his entirely own dance with a brand new track and Optimus Rhymes are the acid-rappers determined to prise open that third-eye. There’s more beside but we like to keep them secrets until you open the box (read: listen to the podcast).

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