Friday, 21 June 2013

If There Is Hell Below... God?

Download: If There Is Hell Below... God?

Rob & Callum present a new If There Is Hell Below podcast, there’s some great music to be played but also some fascinating debates to be made; we’re really sorry but we can’t stop raising them.
From beginning to end we have a full menu of ace music; from 16 y/o Brooklyn rapper Donny Oh at the top of the show to the glam-stoner Oz rock climax of Pond. In between there’ some ace hip hop from German producer Klaus Layer and a track from A.Dd+, a member of Kurt’s Violators Steve Gunn goes it alone, SCRAPER and Roomrunner offer some wonderful noise and The Cairo Gang provide 12-string Byrdsian satisfaction.
There’s more beside, have a listen and enjoy.

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