Sunday, 11 November 2012

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Painting a Picture

Download: If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Painting a Picture

Over the next hour and a bit of If There Is Hell Below podcast Rob and Callum will transport you to a special place; a village where the townsfolk have been seduced by a mysterious stone dwelling cult,  where stinking Musk will lure ANY French woman, where a Bald man exists in a white room wearing a shiny overcoat making sterile synth pop and where the President of the USA is a regular subscriber to the greatest music podcast recorded in a small flat in Kentish Town.
The soundtrack to this place consists of the jazz-fusion electric-era Miles Davis aping of Fontanelle, the post punk coldness of Total Control, the Flying Lotus approved hip hop of Captain Murphy, the 1960s replication of The Haiduks and the hairy heaviness rock of Golden Void and Socrates.
There are more mysteries inside this podcast, only listening will complete the picture.

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