Friday, 27 January 2012

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... The Unskippables


Down tools and sack-off your work load, it’s the If There Is Hell Below podcast… Rob and Callum have unintentionally pulled together 3 songs with loosest connections to the ‘Big Star’ sound and Alex Chilton’s little circle of influence. The other songs jump from a new cut from Gonjasufi’s latest desert hip hop trip, Conduits; a shoegaze band who refuse to be called a ‘shoegaze band’ – so some shoegaze from them. An incredible track jazz/hip hop/Marvin Gaye-a-like track from BJ and the Chicago Kid, a lovely little tender moment from Elijah Forrest’s project Terrors, some Brazilian psych fuzz and Young Governor leading our Big Star family tree. 


Guitar Slim Green with Johnny & Shuggie Otis
I Was A King - Happy
The Dwight Twilley Band - I'm On Fire
Conduits - Top Of The Hill
Allah-Las - Catamaran
Balue - Darlin'
Suely E Os Kantikus - Esperanto
Gonjasufie - Nikels and Dimes
COOLRUNNINGS - Spirit of the High
Young Governor - Where It's Quiet
Terrors - Lifetime to Regret
BJ the Chicago Kid

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