Friday, 20 November 2015

Your Rock & Roll Friend

Download: Your Rock & Roll Friend

Rob and Callum are here with the last podcast proper of 2015, they’re gonna collect their thoughts and come back on December 1st with Good Shit ’15. In the meantime, if you miss us, may we suggest hanging out with your Rock and Roll Friend or militantly guarding the communal music at a house party making sure your jams aren’t skipped 30 seconds from the end.
We’re finishing the year with two perfect slices of power pop from The Obleeks and Patsy’s Rats, Peter Stringer-Hye’s country folk, the Bitches Brew jazz of Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet, the pummelling punk of TV Freaks and the chintzy keyboard crooning of Guy Blackman.
There’s more besides; have a listen and pass on the ITHB vibes to all your friends.

m caridi - losing my cool
The Obleeks - All of My Friends
Guy Blackman - Camming 4 Each Other
The Gun Hoes - Witchy Dress
Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet – Headways
Serious Klein - Tribulation (prod. bei Rascal)
Peter Stringer-Hye - Throw Away The Day
Your Friend – Heathering
Patsy's Rats - Rock & Roll Friend
Nap Eyes – Mixer
Elyse Weinberg - City Of The Angels

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