Friday, 22 May 2015

Let's Start a War

Download: Let's Start a War

If you’ve followed last couple of weeks you’ll know that Rob and Callum are making big calls; shots fired at the lizard folk has led to a war being declared between us and buzzfeed. We’ll give you 23 reasons why we’re up for this with Harry Potter.gifs. In the meantime here are 12 songs from the unapologetic 70s hard rock of Beat Cops to the triumphant punk of Shy Mirrors, from the barroom country rock of T. Hardy Morris to the hazy west coast harmonies of Ultimate Painting, from psych folk drones of Blood Warrior to the post-punk goth jams of Nots and more. Have a listen, like the facebook, follow us on audioboom and all that but most importantly – listen.

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