Friday, 24 April 2015

more fugging fuggets


More fugging fuggets more fugging garage punk heavy rock power pop nuggets for all you 21st century dwelling double denim beer stained weed stinking under/over sexed fuckwits to lose your shit to. This is a mix put together by Rob whilst Callum loses his own shit in Cambodia.

Zig Zags – Let’s Die
Hot Lunch – Slappy Sunday
Needle Exchange – Counteract
In School – Conquest
Vexx – Sleeping in the Attic
The Splits – Melody
Twisted – Aliento
Leather Daddy – At Night
Useless Eaters – Dungeon
Cool Mutants – Let People
Pronto – Red Flag
Mean Jeans – I Think U Stink
Cumstain  - Rock n Roll Don’t Pay the Bills
The Seeers – Without Lites
BAD WEED – Keep On Running
Gal Pals – Punisher
Sheer Mag – Button Up
Dead Farmers – Can’t Go
Lame Drivers – Outlaw For A Day
Matthew Melton – Words I Never Learned
Hector’s Pets – Teenacher
Porno Mags – Not Free
Lame Drivers – Outlaw for a Day
Lost Boy? – Hollywood
Pop Zeus & Wyatt Blair – I’ve Never Been More Alive

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