Friday, 21 March 2014

If There Is Hell Below... Cool Capital


Rob & Callum are back, looking at the possibility of ‘jerking’ oneself; a process adopted by Iggy Pop in which you, yourself become a dried and salted piece of meat and will never perish.
Plenty of music this week with COOL CAPITAL in the bank; YG & Kendrick are combining theirs to create a monopoly on hip hop cool capital and Black Bananas are trading in save Royal Trux capital to increase the cool on their new eletrco-p-funk-punk track. Denney and the Jets are raising their cool with their sonic tribute to the Stones (shit loads of Cool Cap back in the 70s) and Vince Staples is dragging the flagging capital of Odd Future by being the best of that current lot. Of course there are other tips for all you cool brokers inside, have a listen and BANK.

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