Friday, 24 January 2014

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Dungeons & Dragons


Join Rob & Callum for this podcast, a show in which they toil with the possibility of the dormant dragon that lies within them; craving fantasy roleplay both board and live action.
Until then the desires are fed with a track by Wrath from Numero’s latest hard-rock comp focusing on bands with scorcery, damsels and knights in mind. There’s hip hop from Phife and his ode to his friend Dilla and Disclosure surprise with their hip hop production on the latest Bishop Nehru track. Warm Soda provide some power-pop fizz and Fumaca Preta and Juan Waters provide some primal Latin garage rock. There’s also the return of cult-psych-folk figure Linda Perhacs and something from the latest Step Brothers album.
There’s more besides too, roll that 36 sided dice and play.

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