Friday, 3 May 2013

If There Is Hell Below... All The Apples

Download: If There Is Hell Below... All The Apples

Rob & Callum account for part of the 25% of the World’s multimedia artists not residing in Portland but it is questionable whether the podcast exists on multiple medias (ipods, iphones and macintoshbooks are multiples of media, right?) or what they do is ‘art’?
We’ll let you decide (we’re artists).
Other sounds heard in this podcast are songs; one of them is by fellow multimedia artist Big Pauper and another is Clams Casino new track with ‘PODGOD’ DOOM. More sounds come from Psychic Blood who are a good noisy garage psych group and Eleven Year Old who are a young group (not that young) and make wonderfully spunky pop with that wonderful youthful enthusiasm that you so dearly miss. Some sounds come from Nude Beach, Dune Rats and Goat all reliable favourites with ace new offerings and the rest is a mystery that is available within.

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