Friday, 10 August 2012

If There Is Hell Below... Lord Huffington and Sir Huffamore


Lord Huffington (Callum) and Sir Huffamore (Rob) answer some big questions (nobody asked but they’re getting answered, anyway): what is the greatest ‘baby snatch’ in cinema history? What is a coke float? What is the quad? What were you doing in India in ’67?
On the music front; White Denim keep on being incredible, House Shoes provides another slice of dynamite Detroit hip hop, Bob Mould is Bob Mould and Wavves make pop. Plus: The Sufis with their Syd Barret anglo-psych-beat, Diggs Duke with his jazz/rnb cosmic smooth, unlikely Stones Throw signing Chrome Canyon provide some Tangerine Dream/Vangelis prog synth, friends of Neu!, Camera provide some timeless krautrock and more besides.

*please note: due to technical problems our introduction to Camera – Ausland is cut off but it’s that incredible krautrock instrumental before Matthew Dear

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