Friday, 6 July 2012

If There Is Hell Below Podcast... French Banger


Odd that the podcast is called French Bangers as this podcast doesn’t feature the latest Ed Banger release (it isn’t 2005) nor is there anything particularly French about this podcast. If anything Rob and Callum embody the spirit of LA, our song choices are pure west-coast sun, which suits our attitude; breezy and laid-back – I’m sure you’ll agree.
Odder still that the podcast is recorded in soggy Kentish Town, London.
That sunshine comes from Woods with Cali in a Cup, Big Boi’s latest Jeremy ‘Weasel’ Kyle referencing joint, rare soul from Now Again’s Soul Cal comp, Beachwood Sparks recall the country-folk-rock of Laurel Canyon, The Superimposers produce a west-coast gem via  England’s South Coast and Callum can’t help but bring in some ace new Dino Jr.
Plenty more inside.

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