Friday, 3 June 2011

Monster Rally - Deep Sea EP

Monster Rally - Siberian Girls

Mad Men has a lot to answer for: teens and 20-somethings walking around with Dax'ed hair, a side parting that any mum would be proud to see at Sunday service and trying to perfect that cold glare that says 'my woman knows her place'.
Don Draper may seem cool but he's an Ad Man; a snake, a manipulator, a liar, a bullshit shifter - him regularly cheating on his wife* isn't his worst quality - it's his job.

While, he may have the beautiful blonde wife, the smiling kids and the suburban dream home, his perfect life is seemingly held together by blue tack and tape.

Monster Rally has a sheen of the 50's kitsch; the borrowed sunshine pop has that Pleasantville nostalgic innocence, but it doesn't have the steel to keep it's dark side locked up like Draper. Rhythmic glitches are like cracks on the picture of the model family enjoying a refreshing Coca Cola and hip hop breaks are a loosening of the collar ready to 'let it all hang out'.

You will be able to get Monster Rally's latest EP Deep Sea from Robot Gold Records on 7" vinyl in the next few weeks here... or can download from the Monster Rally bandcamp here.

*I haven't seen past half of season 2. He may have committed worst sins, but what's worst than advertising?

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