Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Therapies Son - Over The Sea

Download: Therapies Son - Still I Call

Podcast listeners, you'll be familiar with Therapies Son; a choice of Callum that made a fan of me with the first listen of Touching Down. You throw me up some Magical Mystery Tour sounding Harry Nillson Baroque pop and I'm gonna be dining on that shit and as the sun shines through my window it has me desperately searching for an excuse to leave the house and march about town in my walrus outfit (I can never find a reason to wear it usually). 

Over the Sea is the young outfit's latest digital and vinyl release, 5 songs of hushed, lo-fi, ooom-pah-pah, Flaming Lips'esque, sonically optimistic psychedelic pop. 
Pick up the EP on bandcamp for a couple of bucks or treat yourself to the 10"

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